Adoptable Rabbits

If you do not find what you are looking for here, please visit our courtesy listings (private party adoptables).

Dear Community Rabbit Lovers,

Always wanted a bunny? Now is a golden opportunity for you and your family to enjoy the company of a bunny in a foster setting.

Foster homes sought for bunnies without shelter. (All types, sizes, colors and personalities available) Free set up support and adoption assistance. Please help a lonely bunny this Holiday season, a time for giving and sharing.

Did you know that there are hundreds of homeless bunnies right now who need your help? One bunny at a time we can offer help and hope. Sadly there are so many at the shelters now- we need to get them out! Please call today and our friendly volunteers will set a time with you to meet and begin your foster experience – You can foster for 3 months or even longer if you choose.

You can help so much and the Rabbit Haven will help with all needed set up! What better way to show the spirit of the season than to offer a sweet bunny a home and your love for the holidays. So many shelter and community rabbits have no home at all. They need you now.

The Rabbit Haven, in conjunction with shelters and the community rabbits in need is sponsoring a foster program. The Haven provides all your supplies you can want, and the entire set up for the bunny! Pen, litter box, food water dishes, sheets for their floor, toy and a hay basket. Hay and a food starter too. All this product is for your use in your home to keep your foster bunny happy and safe. The Haven also provides a complete education packet and help with any care or other questions you may have. This holiday season- Save a life by opening your heart and home to one special bunny.

After you get set up, then your responsibility is to simply provide the ongoing love and support they need to flourish while they wait for adoption shows. You carry all this fun activity out right in the privacy of your own home. We love to have fosters take in one bunny or even a sweet pair. Many foster homes are needed for so many lovely sweet bunnies. You are truly needed now. The shelters are overfull, and even the Rabbit Haven and other rescues are brimming with more bunnies than we can house – We have about 170!

Call today to find out all about fostering one lonely bunny in need or possibly a pair.
(831) 600-7479  M-F 10 am to 7 PM
or Email anytime:
Evening set up and mid week set up apts are available.  Just let us know when you would like to start!   Take a look at many of our special rabbits:

The rabbits listed for adoption below are available through the Watsonville Animal Shelter. They have a constant supply of house rabbits and small animals. The Watsonville Animal Shelter is located at 580 Airport Boulevard in Watsonville - Phone #: (831) 454-7303, extension 7. For more information about house rabbit care, rabbit fostering, or house rabbit adoption, contact Lara Walker at or (831) 818-5814.