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Epsi (Bean)

Neutered Male

2 yrs

American Shorthair

Epsi was found on the street as a kitten and has been with us ever since. We have two cats (Epsi, along with a female named Stacy) and their personalities just do not mesh. They have been living in separate spaces but we just can’t keep that up. Epsie must be in a home that has no other pets — he does not get along well with other cats or dogs. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, but because of a few incidences with other cats in our area, we have been keeping him inside only. When he is not around other animals and is in a place he feels comfortable, he is just a regular cat. He likes to sleep in a hidden spot (he really loves under our bed) but he will also sleep at the foot of our bed at night. He is not a very affectionate cat, as he had some negative experiences with people when he was younger. We have been putting him through play-time therapy described by Jackson Galaxy, simulating a hunt with a special toy and then feeding him after as well as rewarding any sign of affection with kibble (he is very easily motivated by food.) We are in the middle of month two and his behavior is already starting to change. He is accepting of affection more frequently and has taken to long bathing sessions again. He even gets excited when Ross comes home from work now and sits on his lap. If he could be in a house that he could call his own, I feel that Epsi would be much happier than he is in ours. ┬áHe is healthy, up to date on vaccinations, and is currently on a daily regime of fluoxetine (kitty prozac) to help even out his behavior. He is really a sweet cat who deserves the best and we would like to find a home for him to be happy in.

If you are interested, please contact: Holly Hazen