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Neutered Male

4.5 yrs

English Bulldog

Miles is a 4 1/2 year old English Bulldog that is loving, patient and loyal.He gets along well with children and other dogs. He has a quiet temperament and loves to be with his people. He enjoys riding in the car and keeping his family company. He can be  quite silly and playful. He appreciates his daily walks and enjoys meeting people and dogs along the way. Miles is very healthy and is up to date on all his shots, check-up, etc.

Miles has been raised in a loving home with one owner. He is being re-homed because his owner had a sudden change in marital status. As a single mother with a young child and limited bandwidth, she is no longer able to provide Miles with the attention he deserves.

If you are interested, please contact: Mary

Phone: 831-247-2686



Spayed Female

2 yrs

Siamese Mix

Kimmy is a very loving cat who enjoys being brushed (loves wire brushes!) and sleeping between your legs. I need to rehome her because she needs a home as an only-cat. I currently have three cats and she is very distraught and unhappy living with them. She’s currently living in my daughter’s room and doing wonderfully on her own. However, she deserves a whole home of her own and will make someone very happy as their only kitty companion!

If you are interested, please contact: Julie



Pepe Le Pew

Neutered Male

13.5 yrs

Lhasa Apso Mix

Pepe is a bright-eyed, big-hearted fluffy canine companion. Pepe weighs eighteen-and-one-half-pounds (18.5), has blonde hair (he does not shed), brown eyes, and a memorable smile. Pepe was adopted from an animal shelter in Southern California when he was a few months old. He was welcomed home to a one-year-old Golden Retriever and they became and remained best friends until the Golden passed away in 2013. Since then Pepe has been interacting with other dogs on play-dates with neighbor dogs. Also, since then his owner has become disabled and as a result does not receive the exercise he deserves. Pepe can fit well into a home with existing dogs, and maybe cats given that the cats are not aggressive; he is fantastic with toddlers and children. His favorite activities include: sunbathing, car rides, eating homemade doggie-friendly popsicles, digging holes in the sand at beaches and rivers, being massaged, and any one-on-one time with his caregiver.  Pepe is in great health; in December of 2017 he received a blood test and urine test with fine results. He also received a fresh bath and hair trim from Bed and Biscuits in January 2018. Pepe is currently on Heartgard and Nexgard as preventatives, and has an updated rabies vaccine. Pepe has been well taken care of and should be well taken care of at his future home. The current owner would be happy to check-in with the new caregiver(s) and Pepe during the beginning of Pepe’s transition to his new loving home. Adopting Pepe would also include his beds, collar and leash, bathing and teeth cleaning products, tick/flea/heartworm medicine, medical history, and option to contact current owner.

If you are interested, please contact: Danielle DuBois



Sally (left) and Tooty (right)

Spayed Females

Sally is 8 yrs and Tooty is 4 yrs

Toy Fox Terriers

Sally & Tooty were among 4 Toy Fox Terriers (TFT’s) left homeless when the fires swept through Northern California this past year. Their person, who was the only home they’ve known since young pups, suffered a heart attack and unfortunately passed away during the evacuations in Marysville. Sally and Tooty are sweethearts and love each other dearly. Though they will be fine if separated, it would be great to find a home that can take both of them.

Sally loves to cuddle up on your lap under a blanket or in your robe or sweater. She loves to bury herself when she naps. Often when she disappears in the house, we find her in a pillowcase or under a blanket on a bed or chair. She also loves being outside and going on walks, so much so that if you keep your eyes on her when opening doors, she’s out the door before you know she was even there…she’s a little escape artist. She’s a quiet girl unless she’s decided its lap time or when it’s food time, then she announces with glee her excitement for the situation. She is 6 pounds of pure love.

Tooty, is slightly bigger at 6.7 pounds and is soulful, loving and enjoys going for walks. Being a little younger, she has a bit more energy and is a toy-lover, fetching and throwing them in the air with enthusiasm. She also loves to be on your lap and is hearty eater, but is much politer about it all, waiting patiently for your response without much commotion. She loves to cuddle on your lap and looks for a blanket or an armpit, anything to bury herself into as long as it’s touching her person or Sally. Tooty has a strong instinct for what TFT’s were bred to do which is seeking out small creatures and the like. She can immediately know where the ground squirrels are when in the yard playing and waits patiently for one to appear, though she has never caught one.

Sally and Tooty are both crate trained, sleeping together in their crate at night. They are both house trained and very smart girls, as TFT’s are. They have had all their shots, are in good health, have been spayed, and are registered with the American Kennel Club. These girls were loved, well cared for and are delightful companions. TFT’s generally have a good long lifespan, living sometimes well into their late teens, so these Sally and Tooty have many years ahead of them to spend with their new adoptive family.

If you are interested, please contact: Donna




Spayed Female

1.5 yrs

German Shepherd

This is JUNIPER! She’s house trained, a dog park lover, active, intelligent and in need of a loving home. She has a lot of energy and is perfect for an active family who has the time to keep her exercised and mentally stimulated. She’s friendly to other dogs, has a happy temperament and loves to play. She’s a great little accomplice to take traveling. She loves camping, hiking, road trips and pretty much ANY activity where she can run around and smell things.

I rescued her from a shelter in Los Angeles about a year ago. It is believed that she grew up in a mostly female home and had some bad encounters with men. She can come off as a bit shy towards strangers but warms up quite quickly. She just needs a confident friend to lead the way! Through routine training and positive reinforcement I have seen her grow so much from the fearful dog I first met. However I can no longer care for her, I don’t have the time to continue with her training or to exercise her as much as she needs. My small apartment can’t accommodate her and I can see how bored and stressed she is becoming. No dog deserves to be cooped up, especially not this gal and it wouldn’t be fair of me to keep her in these conditions.

Her companionship has brought me the most joy and fun filled adventures and I am so sad to have to let her go. She glows with such a unique personality, filled with curiousness and love. In a positive, attention giving home she has the potential to be an amazing, AMAZING life-long best friend.

If you are interested, please contact: Zoe

Phone: 512-720-0700



Neutered Male

4 yrs

Corgi/American Eskimo/Terrier (DNA tested)

Rocket is routinely called by others “the best dog in the world.” He’s quiet and polite. He doesn’t get into it with other dogs at all. He’s happy and kind to everyone wanting to say hi to him. His best quality is he stays right by your side (unless you tell him to go lay down), meaning he doesn’t run or “escape” or any of that. He’s a bright spark of relaxed happiness.

If you are interested, please contact: Chris

Phone: 408-482-2138