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Spayed Female

2-3 years

Domestic Shorthair

Taiga is an affectionate and playful cat who will follow you around the house and garden and participate in everything you do. She’s going to make a great companion animal!

Taiga was neglected, emaciated, pregnant, and running around the neighborhood when she was picked up and brought to the Palo Alto Animal Service. She had a litter of six kittens in November, who have found homes by now, and has recovered wonderfully both from being too skinny as well as from her spaying surgery.

While at the vet, she also got all of her recommended vaccinations and was tested for FeLV/FIV/HWT and passed with flying colors! She also received a FriendChip implant. I have all her paperwork handy.

She has been a joy to foster, and very friendly with all of our friends and visitors. She loves head scratches and is very careful with her claws when playing. The vet did trim her nails, of course, so you’ll have to stay on top of that!

She’s being fed a balanced raw diet consisting of chicken meat, organs, and bone, pork and beef meat and organs, and some egg. She’s shown a preference for raw food, and I’d like for her to go to a home where she can continue on this diet.

If you are interested, please contact: Alex Maier



Neutered Male

5 years

Anatolian Shepherd

This handsome fellow came to live with us after his previous family moved away and couldn’t take him along. He grew up with a little boy so he is wonderful with children. My granddaughter can climb all over him without so much as a nod from him. He is very loyal and protective of his herd (family members). Because Jackson is so loyal and protective of his chosen people and environment, he has trouble with the many outside people that come to visit and has been reactive at times (ie. barking, charging and sadly one case of nipping on the hand) to a few visitors. We don’t want to keep him locked up or have our guests feel uncomfortable and we feel Jackson would do better in a situation with people who have had previous dog owner experience (preferably with the Anatolian breed). He needs space. He came from a family that had some acreage and we also have lots of room for him to roam. He sleeps inside at night. He loves to fetch a stick and hike. He’s not a fan of other dogs. I’m not sure how he is with other non-canine animals. We have bunnies all over the place and he just kind of looks at them. Despite his drawbacks he really is a sweetheart and submissive to his person. If you feel can give Jackson a forever home please contact me. He has his rabies shots and is neutered. Recently tested for heartworm and lyme, both negative.

If you are interested, please contact: Deborah Noel
Phone: 831-462-2090




Spayed Female

18 months

Mastiff Mix

Hope has been with the same foster family since the age of 4 mos when she was rescued from a Korean dog meat farm. She is very loving and affectionate towards humans and loves to play with other dogs. However, due to her size and energy level some dogs are intimidated by her interaction. Hope needs a strong human leader that knows how to properly manage her through these interactions with other dogs. It is imperative that after Hope is adopted she continues to attend training sessions so her handler learns the proper handling techniques. Under the guidance of a strong handler, Hope responds quickly to commands and knows how to sit, down, stay and come on command. She walks well on a leash without pulling even under heavy distractions.

Hope is in need of a family who is willing to learn how to properly manage her and is not intimidated with the idea of correcting her when she is not being responsive. A strong handler is someone who is experienced and knowledgeable and willing to learn Hope’s needs; not someone who will intimidate or try to dominate her. Hope is an extremely intelligent and empathetic dog who has shown both loyalty and compassion to her previous foster family who loved her dearly but were unable to keep her. The ideal home for Hope is one where her exercise needs are met; where she is kept intellectually engaged (play dates, agility training, hikes, etc.); where she is comfortable with her place in the family pack and really becomes a member of the family and finally, where she is loved. Hope has a lot of love to give and needs someone to give it to. She would do well as the only female dog in the household.

If you are interested, please contact: Brent Cooper
Phone: 408-426-6779