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Spayed Female

3 yrs

Lab/Pit Mix

Bella is super strong and full of energy! She loves to be outside, go on walks, go for rides in the car, and she loves to swim! Bella does well with the gentle leader when on walks, otherwise she tends to pull. Bella graduated at the top of her class from PetSmart beginner classes.

Bella has a great temperament. She is very sweet, however, she can come off pushy and in your face. She is great with kids but would probably do best with older kids (7+) because she is so big and hyper. My son is almost two now and he climbs on her and pesters her but she loves it!

The last year has been a very difficult one for our family. We lost my mom suddenly to pancreatic cancer just after Thanksgiving. We have moved 3 times in the last year. It has been a lot of stress on our family and it seems to have affected Bella.

Bella has developed reactivity toward other dogs which she never had before. She still gets along with our senior dog she has grown up with, but is not great with dogs she’s not familiar with.

I feel Bella is not getting enough attention or the exercise she needs and she is acting out. I take Bella on walks which helps but she needs more. I love Bella and know she has the potential to be an awesome family dog. I feel it is selfish to keep her when we can’t afford to give her the life she deserves. Bella needs a family who can give her that extra time and attention. Someone who has a huge yard or property for her to run all her energy out. She would probably do best as a solo dog with her behavior issues toward other dogs.

If you are interested, please contact: Keri

Phone: 831-905-1730



Neutered Male

4.5 yrs

Rottweiler Mix

Ryker is a dapper 60 pound Rottweiler mix looking for a new loving home. When first meeting people, this handsome gentleman is a little more on the shy side. After a few treats and greeting sniffs, though, he warms right up. Once Ryker trusts you he will be your constant companion. Ryker isn’t only handsome; he is smart too! He has mastered basic obedience skills and will flourish with someone who is willing to dedicate some time to further his training. Since Ryker is timid in new situations and with new people he sometimes thinks he needs to protect himself by growling or showing his teeth. Since Ryker is so trainable, this reaction can be worked on and will greatly diminish once he has a devoted home. He is fine with new family members such as cats, kids and some dogs. Ryker can’t wait to find a forever home to settle down in.

If you are interested, please contact: Jillian

Phone: 408-857-5455


Sir Charles Pouchman

Neutered Male

7/8 yrs

Domestic Shorthair

This cat has been nothing but the most loving pet I have ever had the opportunity to own! It is with a heavy heart that I must find him a new home. When we first adopted him we were warned that he needed a lot of love and attention and boy were they right! He comes from a loving family where my younger sister was the primary owner. Now that she is permanently staying on the East Coast after college, there is no one here to give him all the pets and loves that he needs. He is a constant lover. He is not high maintenance but if he could stay cozied up next to your lap all day, he would! He actually loves to snuggle the night away! He is an active, indoor cat who loves to play around with balls, fake mice, streamers and lasers. He is allergic to fleas and when he does get them, due to the rampant problem that we have in this town with fleas, he tends to break out in hives. He is currently on Frontier flea treatment but is due for his vaccinations.

Sir Charles can be vocal (he has his own Facebook Page! Hahahah!), but knows to take a hint once the lights are off for the night. He truly is a wonderful companion. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to know more. Thank you for reading!

If you are interested, please contact: Sylvia Rubio

Phone: 831-566-0961



Spayed Female

3 yrs

Pit Mix

Lilly is a sweet loving dog that becomes extremely close to her people once she had learned to trust you. Her story is one of tragic beginning, since she was found choked and left for dead on someone’s lawn, malnourished to the bone and eyes bloodshot from being heavily choked. So she is a nervous dog because of this, and has a hard time socializing with other dogs, but has been known to be close to them in the past. She especially loves cats, and has even helped foster and care for kittens. She is smart and loves to snuggle with her people, and is a great fit in the right home!

If you are interested, please contact: Christian Mullens

Phone: 209-661-6700