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Neutered Male

4.5 years

Pit Bull

Blu is loving, energetic, and very, very goofy. He can be food aggressive with other animals (not human hands!), but my mom would just feed him around the corner from her other terrier and there were no problems. He gets along with other dogs and cats of any age and size. He’s good with kids and any gender. He loves to swim in any body of water available. He likes to hike, go on jogs, and play fetch (for hours). He can be left alone inside or out, he likes to snore on his dog bed or in the shade. He doesn’t have any health problems, but does have trouble gaining weight because he’s so active. So making sure he eats a lot is important–he’d rather play than eat. He likes to share bananas. He’s a cuddlebug and thinks he’s a lapdog despite his size. He’s one of the best dogs I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and deserves all the happiness in the world.

If you are interested, please contact: Sara


Iggy and Tatiana

Neutered Male and Spayed Female

6 years

Himalayan (Iggy) and Balinese (Tatiana)

Iggy is a very mellow and sweet purebred Himalayan with papers. He likes to be next to you but doesn’t require to be on you or rub you. He is a very beautiful cat. Prettier than this picture if he’s maintained. We have never been able to maintain him. He needs daily grooming and frequent baths. If done, he’d have very long hair and no marks around his eyes. We give him a lion cut due to the maintenance of the long hair. We want him to go to a forever home where he will be loved. He was raised with the Tatiana (also listed here). Iggy will be fine as an only animal or can be adopted with the Tatiana.

Tatiana is a purebred micro-chipped Balinese with papers. She has the sweetest personality. She is maintenance free with the softest long hair. She will want to be with you, on you, and rub you 24 hours a day. This is the perfect lap cat. We are heart broken to place her up for adoption. She’d be perfect for an older person who wants a lap cat with no maintenance. She has been raised with Iggy (also listed). They should be okay apart. We want her to go to a happy forever home.

We are heart broken to find them new homes. However, our preschool boys are too mean to them and it’s causing too much stress on everyone (primarily the cats).

If you are interested, please contact: Patricia Pellett




3-4 months

Mixed Breed

This bunny is full of energy and life and she’s very playful! She’s going to needs alot of space and attention.

If you are interested, please contact: Vanessa Cornejo
Phone: (831)246-3415