Classroom Presentation Guide

 *Respect and stewardship of wild animals and the environment for PRE K-5th grade:
Our Wild NeighborsIntroduces the challenges of living harmoniously with wild animals in our neighborhoods and ways to appreciate them in their natural habitat. (Grades PreK-5) 
*Compassion and responsibility for PRE K-2nd grade:
Pet Care 101Students are read a short story about a shelter dog and presented with common pet care items.  They are asked to discuss animals’ needs and how humans can be responsible pet owners.  (Grades PreK-2) 
*Compassion and Responsibility for Pre-k-6th grade:
Play it SafeDiscusses how to read dog body language to avoid dangerous situations and have positive canine interactions. (Grades PRE K-6) In-person: A dog will be brought to the classroom for practicing safe introductions.  
*Ways to get involved with all types of animals for 6th-12th grade:
Careers with AnimalsDiscusses the different job opportunities working with or for animals. Shares information about education and requirements, as well as salary expectations. (Grades 6-12)