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Some pet owners need to re-home an animal and prefer not to surrender it to a shelter. We help by including their animals here on our Community Pet Listings page. Each post is live on our site for up to 30 days, and is written by the pet’s owner. If you have questions or would like to adopt an animal on the list, simply contact the owner directly by phone or email.

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If you need to rehome a pet and you’d like to list it on our site, please visit the Rehome Your Pet section of our website and find the Post in Community Pet Listings tab for instructions. We accept listings for almost any species of animal. All dogs and cats listed must be spayed or neutered.

Community Pet Listings


Spayed Female
1.4 years
Catahoula Mix

Read more about Ruby!
Ruby is so loving, loyal, funny, and a tremendously intelligent watch dog. She’s young and loves to play and run. Ruby needs a home without children and other pets. She totally loves her family and once you establish this with her, she will love you totally. I moved and am staying with my son and family. Dogs are not allowed and they have two cats. I am devastated to give up my sweet Ruby. Please help me find her the perfect home for her.

If interested, contact: Margo

Phone: 760-727-1509




Neutered Male
7 years
Briard/Australian Labradoodle

Read more about Larry!
Larry is a 7 year old rescue! He was dropped at a rescue after being with his owner for 7 years! The owner said that their other dog passed away and it made it hard for him to care for Larry. I decided to rescue him in order to get him back to being a healthy happy dog.

Larry is a lover, he loves people. He is great on walks and a pleasure to have if you’re looking for a companion that wants to be by you all day.

He needs a yard. In his previous home, Larry spent most of his time lounging in the shade. He prefers going potty in the yard as opposed to on walks but he is working on that!

Larry also struggles with having other dogs in the home as he is very protective of his owner. He needs to be in a home with no other dogs. He is great with dogs on walks who are leashed.

He is up to date on all shots, heartworms, etc. He is in great shape! Since fostering him, he is walking double the amount he did when I first got him. He LOVES his walks and gets excited for his leash.

I adopted Larry because there was limited space at the shelter and figured I could help with his expenses etc. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment and he does not get along with my border collie 🙁

If interested, contact: Kerrianne

Phone: 516-993-9810




6 months

Read more about Hippy!
Hippy is a lively and affectionate bunny. She’s well behaved, box trained and loves to have her nose rubbed. We fostered Hippy for a friend in hopes that she could be a companion for our Female New Zealand. Sadly that did not workout as our New Zealand is quite territorial. We would love to keep Hippy but she deserves a home where she can have room to run and explore and snuggle with her family.

If interested, contact: Sandy

Phone: 831-334-2970




Neutered Male
3 years
American Shorthair

Read more about Sonny!
Sonny is about 12.5 pounds, neutered with all shots. He has never lived with kids, though I suspect he would be good with them. He is not good with other male cats – but may be good with a female.

Sonny has never lived with dogs, but might be ok with a puppy who grows up with him. He has no history of aggressive tendencies, is litter-trained but almost almost always goes outside. He is an indoor/outdoor cat and would like to stay that way.

He has an average energy level. He’s not a lap cat, but LOVES petting, interacting & playing – is very responsive & engaging – and can like being held as well. I hold him quite comfortably on my shoulder. He loves bumping you with his head to show affection – it’s pretty cute. He has a HUGE repoitoire of meows – some sweet, some melodic, some purr/meows & some sad sounding

He is being rehomed because my mother is moving into a retirement facility and cannot have a cat with her there.

If interested, contact: Annette

Phone: 510-335-5222




Neutered Male
6.5 years
Australian Shephard

Read more about Bodhi!
Bodhi is a gregarious and active 55lb pure bred red merle Aussie that needs a new home.

He wants to please and LOVES being trained. He adores children, but due to his activity level and size small children may get knocked around a bit.

Bodhi is a “velcro” dog and needs to be with his family, so that means being with you a lot.

– eager to please
– willingness to be trained
– strong personality (alpha)
– very attractive dog
– great with kids (super sweet)
– ZERO food aggression
– does not climb on furniture or beds
– does not steal food from tables or hands
– house trained
– no need for a crate, he sleeps at foot of bed all night
– is trained for all basics (sit, fetch, heel, stay, down, out, off, etc.)
– We even have him trained to not go up to our 2nd story where the cat lives when we are not at home

– when he gets rolling (running around neighborhood) he is hard to stop (unless I am there)
– he has “charged” a neighbor and mouthed one (scratch and torn pants). This is due to lack of activity.
– he can be aggressive towards other animals at times (mostly the herding instinct that other animals don’t care for)
– this breed sheds quite a bit

Reason I am re-homing is that I can no longer dedicate the time required to make Bodhi the best he can be.

Inquiring families/individuals need to be currently VERY active so they can easily incorporate this Aussie into their ‘pack’.

If interested, contact: Nick

Phone: 831-252-4858




Spayed Female
8 years
American Pit Bull Terrier

Read more about Lola!
Lola is calm at home but very outgoing and full of joy when she is outdoors. She enjoys outings like going to the dog park. She is potty trained. Having children takes up most of our time and we cannot look after her for that reason. We just want someone to give her all the love and attention that she needs.

If interested, contact: Jennifer

Phone: 831-262-7968




Spayed Female
7 years
Domestic Shorthair

Read more about Rosy!
Rosy is a sweet but shy kitty. Once she’s comfortable with you she enjoys cuddling up on your lap. She loves to be brushed. She would prefer to be the only cat in the house. Definitely no dogs. She does like to go outside and play on a sunny day.

If interested, contact: Jennifer

Phone: 831-809-1672




Spayed Female
9 months
Great Pyrenees/Border Collie

Read more about Rosie!
Rosie is an incredibly sweet 55lbs pup, who adores all people, dogs, and animals. She’s playful at the dog park, and will run alongside you at the beach, but also sits calmly under your table at a cafe. She’s great on leash, but not so great off leash (she loves to wander off). Rosie would do best in a home with a big yard and another dog. She’s good with cats too! She barks a bit, but will probably do better once she feels more settled in her home. spayed/up to date on vaccines/healthy. I will conduct home check!

If interested, contact: Claudia

Phone: 530-312-8815




Neutered Male
2 years
Pit Bull

Read more about Turbo!
Meet Turbo! This handsome, slightly dorky boy is somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-years-old and a sleek, athletic 55 lbs.

Turbo is full-time, disco ’til dawn type fun. His ideal home will include active, good-natured humans and another very playful dog.

See more pics and his complete bio here:

Turbo is adoptable through Oakland Animal Services but is being fostered in Santa Cruz. Contact his foster mom with any questions!

If interested, contact: Jenny

Phone: 831-227-9717




Neutered Male
4 years
Bulldog Mix

Read more about Buddy!
Buddy is a sweet, lazy, cuddly boy. He’s been in our home for about 2 years after we adopted him. He’s a good boy, but our work schedules, living situation, and my partner’s health issues have led us to make the hard decision to re-home Buddy.

He loves to cuddle, to sleep, and play fetch (for about 15 minutes until he gets tired, haha). He’s happiest just being near his people and getting pets and love. He’s a huge fan of belly rubs, peanut butter, chicken nuggets, and he loves his bed and his perfectly-Buddy-sized green armchair where he sleeps every night, and most of the day. He has the cutest wrinkles and the most potent puppy eyes!

He’s generally a wonderful dog! He does have some anxiety issues, for which he takes daily medication that helps keep it at bay, but needs patience and support during times of stress or if his routine changes. He was found as a skinny, scared stray when he was about a year old, before I adopted him, but he’s come leaps and bounds from that lonely puppy he used to be. He’s completely house-trained and he’s crate-trained for when we leave the house. He’s great on leash and loves car rides. He’s generally in great health, besides some minor skin issues that don’t seem to bother him too much, and a broken tooth that was already there when I adopted him. It doesn’t cause any issues and his vet says it’s stable and doesn’t need to be removed at this time.

Buddy would do best in a home with either a single person or a couple, preferably no other dogs and absolutely no cats, no babies or small kids (Buddy is big and doesn’t know it, and while he’s never been aggressive, when he gets anxious he likes to run around and jump up on his people, and he may accidentally hurt a baby or small kids). He’d do well in a home where he’s allowed on the couch and in bed with you- he LOVES to cuddle and is happiest being right next to his people. We can’t do that anymore because of my partner’s health issues, and I know he would be much happier if he were able to. He’s used to apartment living, but I know he would love to be able to have a yard to wander and sniff around in as well. Having that space outside may even help with his anxiety, because he would have more space to move around.

Buddy is a sweet boy and we love him very much, but we can tell he isn’t his happiest here with us. We can’t change our work schedules, living situation, or health issues, so it’s time to find Buddy a home where he will be well-loved and given all the things he needs and deserves. Please reach out if you have any questions or you’re interested in meeting Buddy.

If interested, contact: Nicole




Spayed Female
2 years
American Bully

Read more about Peaches!

Peaches has a sweet personality and is a 70 lb lap dog who adores children. She loves the dog beach and needs lots of attention and energy draining every day. She is very cuddly and gets along with other dogs. She’s never bitten a person or animal, but has typical prey drive behaviors of her breed. She is very strong but comes with lifetime dog training with a reputable local trainer. She also has food allergies and does best on the Costco salmon and sweet potato dry kibble.

If interested, contact: Jessica

Phone: 831-334-2464




Neutered Male
7 months
Domestic Shorthair

Read more about Dante!
Dante is an affectionate cat in the mornings and he does definitely talk. I adopted him over a month ago assuming that my older 2 1/2-year-old female cat would take him under her wing as a playmate. But what I didn’t know was she would not be as nice to him or bond with him on a deeper level than just tolerating him.

He’s funny and in wonderful health but I need to find him a good home because he deserves it. He is vaccinated and microchipped.

If interested, contact: Drew




Over 1 year

Read more about them!

*URGENT* My aunt has a flock of 6 laying hens she is looking to rehome. Half of the chickens are black and the other half are brown, sadly the brown ones have pecked the black ones so they are balding and one of them has an injured foot.

I would take them in myself but we have a flock of our own and don’t have enough space. She is located out of Santa Cruz county but I’d be willing to bring them to SC county myself. Looking for a kind home where they will be pets.

If interested, contact: Suzy

Phone: 831-840-6765




Neutered Male
1.5 years

Read more about Stanly!

I am an ESL teacher in Vietnam who has to move due to visa issues. I have been here for 3 years. I will be coming back to the US and than to Europe. I need to re home my dog as I can not give this angel the life he deserves. He loves kisses, cuddles, he knows all the tricks, he’s shy, never aggressive, barks when people knock or if he doesn’t know you then he warms up quickly and follows you everywhere. He is a sweetheart. Prefers a yard. Is up to date on vaccines. I’ll be paying $1,000 to get him to America and I am hoping to find him a forever home one he is here. Please help this gem. 

If interested, contact: Gabrielle




Spayed Female
12 years
Domestic Shorthair

Read more about Ellie!

We are needing to rehome our sweet kitty as our home situation has changed. Ellie is an indoor only cat and should remain indoor in her new home. We do let her outside during the day in our fenced yard as she loves to roll around in the sun but she tends to stay very close to the house and sleeps inside at night.

Ellie is used to living in a home with a dog so she would do fine in a home with a dog that is socialized with cats. She also likes kids and is often babysat by our 8 year old neighbor.

 She is a very social and loving cat that likes to hang out with you on the couch or follow you around the house. She is litter box trained, never aggressive and lets me bathe and trim her nails. Ellie is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and has recently had her wellness check with the vet.

Looking for a loving home for Ellie where she can get lots of love and attention. Please contact me if you would like to meet her.

If interested, contact: Carly

Phone: 831-535-9073



Francois Fish-Sticks & Mohawk Mo

7 years
Comet Goldfish

Read more about them!

These two lively goldfish need a new home! These are very hardy fish and have moved with me multiple times. Unfortunately, they have gotten too big to continue with my more mobile lifestyle.

These are beautiful fish with a lot of character and could make a great addition to someone’s pond or home. I would prefer for them to be rehomed to someone who knows about Goldfish or wants to learn about taking care of Goldfish.

I’ve had them since they were tiny and I will be sad to see them go but I know that someone else will enjoy their company as well!

If interested, contact: Cyreine

Phone: 949-434-9376




4 months
Buff Orpinton

Read more about Buffy!

It’s always a gamble when you get chicks, 9 out of 10 will be hens, one is probably a rooster!

I need to find a home for our rooster. He hasn’t started to crow yet, but is bothering the girls.

If interested, contact: Louis

Phone: 831-234-6749



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