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Some pet owners need to re-home an animal and prefer not to surrender it to a shelter. We help by including their animals here on our Community Pet Listings page. Each post is live on our site for up to 30 days, and is written by the pet’s owner. If you have questions or would like to adopt an animal on the list, simply contact the owner directly by phone or email.

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If you need to rehome a pet and you’d like to list it on our site, please visit the Rehome Your Pet section of our website and find the Post in Community Pet Listings tab for instructions. We accept listings for almost any species of animal. All dogs and cats listed must be spayed or neutered.

Community Pet Listings


Spayed Female
1 years
Bluetick Coonhound Mix

Read more about Ruby!

This lil lady is your classic Bluetick. Absolutely adorable, tons of energy to spare, sweet, smart, and bit goofy. Ruby needs to go to a home who understands coonhounds. She needs a big, secure yard and someone who can provide her with multiple hours of exercise a day. This girl can go ALL day! She is very food motivated with a nose for finding anything yummy left within her reach.

She can be shy at first and wary of strangers. Ruby wants someone who can take it slow and continue to help her build confidence. She’s came along way and after initial meetings she’s usually asking for belly rubs and couch snuggles!

Ruby has been through 6 weeks of basic obedience training and completed one-on-one training as well. She knows basic commands and loves positive reinforcement. She is also house trained. Loose leash walking could be improved upon, she’s a squirrel lover with a very high prey drive. We also practice recall daily but she needs some more work in this department.

Ruby currently lives on a property with kids and another dog present. She loves kids and the other pup has became one of her best friends. It is important to note that she has struggled with resource guarding, especially when first adopted. I make sure to give Ruby space and go slow when she is chewing bones. She has never guarded her food bowl with me. I try to always offer her a trade before taking something from her. She does not like having things taken directly from her mouth . Her one-on-one trainer did not deem her an aggressive dog, and said it is more likely she struggles with food insecurity issues. It has always been important for me to monitor her closely around kids when food is present, but she has never shown any aggression towards them. She continues to improve with “drop it” commands and has started to let me take things from her mouth when necessary.

She’s a great adventure dog and is happiest with her nose to the ground. She loves the beach and the woods. Her excitement is contagious and she knows how to make people smile! I love this dog and would love for her to find a home that can provide her with everything she needs to thrive.

If interested, contact: Lauren 

Phone: 760-277-3044




Spayed Female
1 years
Pomeranian/Chihuahua/Bichon Frise

Read more about Bean!

Bean is an extremely loving dog who loves to play with humans but needs more socialization with other dogs due to COVID-19. She loves chest rubs and playing tug-o-war.

 Bean is not aggressive towards other dogs but barks at them because she is unsure of their presence. Bean also is a picky eater, usually eats her dry kibble mixed with wet food. She can easily be potty trained.

After a bit of more training, Bean would become an amazing dog. She already knows the basic commands such as sit, wait, and drop it. Bean also has minor separation anxiety when she finds her favorite human.

We are looking for those who are willing to give her a forever home, regardless of circumstances. Families are okay but not with smaller children.

Thank you for taking the time to read. We would love her to find a loving and want the absolute best for her future. Will be reviewing applicants to ensure she goes to a good home.

If interested, contact: Joey

Phone: 415-683-8169




Neutered Male
1.8 years
Chihuahua/Min Pin

Read more about Lito!

Lito is super sweet and loving but is very shy and timid at first. Once he gets to know you and gets more comfortable his true colors show. He is very playful and gets along great with kids.

If interested, contact: Elizabeth

Phone: 510-693-5919



Honey Kitty

Spayed Female
2 years

Read more about Honey Kitty!

We have had Honey Kitty for several months. We got her from a family friend who needed to rehouse her. We misunderstood the reason – Honey Kitty has a lot of anxiety and needs to live in a dog free home. She pees on anything that belongs to the dogs. She is declawed so needs to be an indoor cat. She is a sweet, shy girl. She likes to play and loves treats. She gets along fine with our other cat, a 10 year old male. Thank you for your interest!

If interested, contact: Riki

Phone: 831-345-0686




Neutered Male
9 years
Domestic Shorthair 

Read more about Neggie!

Neggie is my beloved cat. We are unfortunately looking for a new home for him due to some family issues. He is a very interesting cat FULL of personality.

He must have an indoor and outdoor space. While he wants to sit on your lap at times, he equally needs access to the outdoors where he can run around and chase things as well as climb trees, and roofs, and fences, etc. He would love a place with some surrounding property.

He is also very social. He’s not the type of cat that hides from people or animals or people. He will greet everyone and everything. He’s good with other cats and dogs as well. (He will stand up for himself in front of dogs, but would prefer to get along). He is particular about a few things, like his food and being petted in certain spots. We are heartbroken to have to find a new home for him. But we pray that we can find someone to love him as we do.

If interested, contact: Blake

Phone: 831-332-9776




Spayed Female
12 years
Main Coon 

Read more about Sadie!

I am truly so sad that I have to find a new home for my Sadie. I have to move to Virginia to be near my daughter. Sadie is a shy kitty, doesn’t care to much for unsolicited petting but lay down on your bed and she is an experienced snuggler. She is very healthy and her teeth are in great shape. Her ideal home would be a single female. Thank you so much for considering her to share your home.

If interested, contact: Margo

Phone: 831-706-8820




Neutered Male
5 years
Lab Mix

Read more about Azim!

Azim is a sweet and energetic guy. He loves to walk, fetch and train. He is very smart. He does have anxiety but walks, fresh air, and having a routine help a lot with this. He would do best in a home where is is the only dog, and also without kids.

If interested, contact: Margaret

Phone: 831-535-3405



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