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Some pet owners need to re-home an animal and prefer not to surrender it to a shelter. We help by including their animals here on our Community Pet Listings page. Each post is live on our site for up to 30 days, and is written by the pet’s owner. If you have questions or would like to adopt an animal on the list, simply contact the owner directly by phone or email.

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If you need to rehome a pet and you’d like to list it on our site, please visit the Rehome Your Pet section of our website and find the Post in Community Pet Listings tab for instructions. We accept listings for almost any species of animal. All dogs and cats listed must be spayed or neutered.

Community Pet Listings


Neutered Male
3.8 yrs

Read more about Apollo!

We brought Apollo from Mexico, and he has been with me since he was 2 months. He traveled underneath with the luggage when we brought him, and as a result he appears to have some behavior issues. He’s never harmed or attacked anyone or anything. But his guard always seems to be up around new people. I would recommend him for people with plenty of time on their hands and space to have him since he is a larger dog. He loves to be active and go on walks! He is extremely smart because he is quick to adapting to new surroundings and knows to only go to the bathroom outdoors. Please feel free to message me for more information about him.

If interested, contact: Cesar


Phone: 831-706-0428



Neutered Male
5 yrs
Russian Blue

Read more about Silver!

Silver is a wonderful companion. He loves to sit on your lap and follow you around. He needs to be able to go outside or he’ll let you know with his special voice! He has the softest fur. He gets scared easily so probably a house on the quiet side is better. He’s overall a wonderful, special cat.

If interested, contact: Patricia


Phone: 650-603-1612



Neutered Male
2 yrs
Hound/American Bulldog

Read more about Marlowe!
We are looking for a new home for our dog, Marlowe. He is a handsome mix, possibly hound, lab, pit bull, american bull dog…we don’t exactly know. At about 50 lbs. he is medium sized, has a lot of energy, and enjoys a regular long walk or run on the beach and playing with other large dogs. He has had some dog training but would benefit from more. His leash walking skills are still improving but he can sit, stay, shake and responds well to treats. He struggles with meeting other new dogs while on leash. The ideal home for Marlowe would be a kid-free place, possibly with another large dog, plenty of outdoor space and with someone who is willing to dedicate the time, love and energy to work with a high energy dog. He is smart, loyal and protective of his home and family and would bring lots of joy to the right person.

If interested, contact: Naomi


Phone: 831-251-0066



Neutered Male
1 1/2 yrs
Shar Pei/Pitt/Boxer Mix

Read more about Jack!

Jack is a wonderful, high energy, always up for fun guy! He is alert, fascinated by all things and people, very attentive, and LOVES his humans and most animals. He is full of bounce and would be at his best with LAND to sprint around chasing leaves and birds. He is a spirited playmate for any other dog, especially one who wants a buddy to play with. Jack is trainable and very smart but he requires more time, exercise, and training then we have available to give him at this point in our lives. He is crate trained, 100% potty trained and knows sit, stay, down, shake and has great distance recall. We are only interested in rehoming him with the absolute right person. This has been heartbreaking decision for us as a family but we do feel like it is the right one.

If interested, contact: Alayna


Phone: 831-325-9650



Spayed Female
7 mos
English Bulldog Mix

Read more about Maya!

Maya is a very active dog and she requires a lot of attention, love, and playtime. Sadly I’m not able to give her the time she needs. I’ve had her since she was 7 weeks old and she has been potty trained and crate trained. She is not accustomed to being around children and she’s a little wild with most dogs she’s been around. I of course would give you the supplies I have for her. Hopefully you would be okay with me visiting sometimes too!

If interested, contact: Karina


Phone: 831-840-1754


Twix and Coconut

2 yrs
Guinea Pigs

Read more about Twix and Coconut!

Looking for a good home for my two female guinea pigs and their homemade wooden guinea pig house!

If interested, contact: Ellen


Phone: 831-430-6587


Kay Kay

Spayed Female
1.5 yrs
Boxer/Plott Hound

Read more about Kay Kay!

Kay Kay is a good dog who just needs some basic training! Potty trained, crate trained, and loves to cuddle. We recently moved home from out of state and can not keep her as I am away from home much more often than before. Looking for an active family or individual that would have more time to give her the attention she deserves.

If interested, contact: Alissa


Phone: 408-722-8113


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