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Some pet owners need to re-home an animal and prefer not to surrender it to a shelter. We help by including their animals here on our Community Pet Listings page. Each post is live on our site for up to 30 days, and is written by the pet’s owner. If you have questions or would like to adopt an animal on the list, simply contact the owner directly by phone or email.

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If you need to rehome a pet and you’d like to list it on our site, please visit the Rehome Your Pet section of our website and find the Post in Community Pet Listings tab for instructions. We accept listings for almost any species of animal. All dogs and cats listed must be spayed or neutered.

Community Pet Listings


Spayed Female
7 years
Domestic Shorthair

Read more about Bee!
Our sweet kitty Bee is smart, curious, loving, and equally enjoys spending time on ones lap purring her heart away, as much as she loves basking in the sunshine outside as she quietly watches birds fluttering by. Occasionally you might see a glimpse of her speaking to them with her quite meow.

We are moving to England and would love for someone to experience the joy that she has brought to our family. Bee’s health records are fully up to date.

If interested, contact: Michelle

Phone: 831-600-5646



Nermal and Nigol

Neutered Males
1.5 years
Domestic Shorthair

Read more about them!
Meet the wonderful Nermal and Nigol! Brothers that love each other and people. They are sweet, love to play and nap, and also are great hunters! Need to rehouse as our housing situation changed due to Covid struggles. These boys love to be together and are a great addition to any home.

If interested, contact: Laura




Spayed Female
9 year
Domestic Shorthair

Read more about Mamacita!
Mamacita is a beautiful nine+ year-old tuxedo cat with amazing white whiskers. Sadly, neighbors reported that her owner passed away about a year and a half ago and she was turned out onto the street. She made her way to a woman who was feeding a few feral cats and she then reached out to Community Cat Allies for help. She is currently in foster care.

Mamacita is independent, chatty, curious and exactly herself. She is also resilient, playful, not super snuggly but purrs next to her foster, loves catnip and to be brushed. She would make a loyal and fun companion.

Mamacita was exposed to a common cat cold while living on her own and with no one to provide care, she developed a chronic sniffle. It doesn’t slow her down a bit and she can live a normal, full life. Mamacita could live with respectful dogs but should be the one and only feline due to her sniffles.

She is spayed, microchipped, up to date on her vaccinations and flea prevention. She had a full senior blood panel in March and all results are normal which is rather amazing for a senior cat.

She is a true delight and is ready for her forever home!

If interested, contact: Meg

Phone: 831-202-2877



Cowboy and Boba

Neutered Males
1 year
Domestic Shorthairs

Read more about them!
They are both sweet, active, brothers with funny personalities. They need more room to wrastle than I can offer them. They have never been apart from one another. They love their toys and cat tower, they are curious about everything, and love to hang out with you when you take a bath!

If interested, contact: Tamara

Phone: 831-224-3025




Spayed Female
1.5 years
German Shepherd/ACD

Read more about Boston!

My name is Boston, I’m a 1.5 year old, 65 lbs, female German Shepherd / ACD / Pitt mix. I’ve got all the energy and love of a puppy with the house manners of an adult dog. My favorite activities are playing frisbee, fetch, tug, sniff walks and snuggling with my humans. I love playing with other dogs and I have excellent dog social skills, I go to off-leash dog parks with my humans every day and have a blast! I have a high working drive so I love to learn new tricks and play games that make me use my brain.

My humans love me so much, but, we live in a busy city and I’m nervous about seeing & hearing strangers on such a constant basis. We all think it’d be best if I could live in a quieter environment to really be able to live a more relaxing life. I’ve made a ton of progress on my stranger danger instincts so far, but I would be much happier in a quieter environment.

I’m looking for somewhere with a lot of land, ideally with another confident dog to play with and show me the world isn’t such a scary place. I also need patient humans who will continue to work on my fear reactivity using positive reinforcement training, but, no kids or cats for me! I’m crate trained, have all my basic obedience down, I’m up to date on my shots, microchipped, and spayed

If interested, contact: Chelsea

Phone: 510-499-7143



Luc and Lou

Neutered Males
1 year
Domestic Shorthair

Read more about them!
A friend of mine is going through an extremely tough time, and sadly needs to rehome his cats. They are 1 year old brothers. Both are neutered and up-to-date with shots. They have been indoor cats as they have lived in town. He would really like to keep them together. They are very sweet and playful.

If interested, contact: Betsy

Phone: 831-239-8630




Neutered Male
2 year

Read more about Nelson!
Nelson is still puppyish but happy all the time — tail wags constantly!
• At adoption, Nelson was stated as approximately 18 months old. I think he was younger based on behavior although given he was a stray, absent manners, he may have seemed younger.
• All vaccinations up to date. Nelson’s vet is at Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos.
• He has been on Galibrant per the vet (I have 6 mo suppy) as a preventive to osteoarthritis. It could be stopped anytime.
• He has taken Simparica monthly for flea, tick, heartworm.
• Fed twice a day, morning and evening: 1 cup beef organic dry nuggets (Costco), organic bone broth, 1-2 cups mixed frozen organic vegetables (Costco)
• Nelson is housebroken and has free access to backyard through dog door. He poops 3-4 times a day, attributed to diet. He peed in the house twice a while back in part I think due to the visit and short term stay of family. Showed him the spot immediately and walked him outside. None since.
• He urinates in the evening and then doesn’t go again til morning (must have a huge bladder.) 😊
• Nelson is not fond of his head or paws/nails touched. He does enjoy light stroking full length of his back. When sleeping he does like his neck and belly rubbed (he sleeps upside down a lot.) He has started letting me hold his front paw.
• A groomer out of the question for now but may happen with increased trust. He is short hair.
• Nelson is not much of a cuddler but he does follow in the house and likes to be near.
• On adoption, it was found that Nelson was terrified of water. Most likely sprayed as a stray. Bathing impossible. I took him to Rio Del Mar to run on the beach chasing tennis balls and eventually he followed other dogs in the water to about chest deep. A fresh water bath has never been an option thusfar without distress so the ocean we went daily.
• When he runs in the house its sounds like a horse gallop.
• Nelson is ball crazy. He will chase and runs like the wind outrunning many dogs. He rarely brings the ball back to your feet and drops about 15-20 feet away and dances in a circle waiting for another throw.
• He plays well with other dogs, adults, and children. He can be over excited to see folks initially but settles in 5-10 minutes.
• Nelson “mouths” and licks gently. He takes treats very gently. He has never been in a fight, barred teeth, or bitten anyone.
• The words “drop it” mean nothing 😊
• All wood floors cause a lot of slipping and falls. Without both forelegs lateral movement on the fly difficult. I have mats in critical places like corners etc. Outside no problem.
• We walk 2-3 times a day with 1 long walk, 2 being short walk and fetch til he lays down indicating he is done.
. Eats anything and scent/motion driven; cat, animal, etc.
• Nelson appears to have some fear of the dark unless there are animal noises (open space is behind my backyard and we get rats, squirrels, coyotes, racoons, etc). He rarely goes outside at night, but he will follow if I go out.
• I can count the number of time Nelson has barked on one hand.
• Nelson escaped on arrival (March) but has not done so since.
• Nelson knows commands of “sit” and “laydown” which he does about 99% of the time. “Stay” and “come” and “leave it” about 50%.
• Nelson knows the word “gentle” and “settle” and responds in kind.
• Nelson is not treat driven.
• Nelson is required to sit attaching collar and leash for outside walk, etc. He does not wear a collar in the house.
• Walking can be difficult on the start. Nelsons gait at the start can be quick given 3 legs. He has a speed that reduces bounce up and down allowing forward movement and less fatigue. As the walk goes, he slows due to fatigue and when he wants, he lays down to rest.
• “DO NOT YELL AT NELSON”. Speaking in a soft or regular voice and he responds. If yelled at or loud noises (fireworks), he cowers.
• Nelson sleeps on a dog bed and my bed depending on his whim.
• Nelson is not allowed on furniture (except bed). Initially I put tin foil on the couch and chairs and he now knows that he is not allowed.
• Nelson knows the difference between his stuff and not his stuff. He likes stuffed animals or anything that squeaks which don’t last long before destruction. I buy the “Firehose” products for him to chew and they last longer.
• Nelson does well when left alone in the house or car. So far I’ve been gone up to 3 hours and no problem….happy to see me. I leave the TV on.
• This is the problem. He is anxious in the car or vehicle. Short trips he does well with head out the window, the store, beach, etc.
• I surf travel in my Westy and Nelson does not do well on long trips, say greater than 30 minutes. He goes back in forth from front to back and whines constantly. This doesn’t work in that I may be gone traveling in search of waves anywhere from a week to months.

If interested, contact: John

Phone: 408-667-5718




Spayed Female
7-9 years
Domestic Shorthair

Read more about Alice!
This is Alice and she needs a new loving home! My grandfather passed away and she was his best friend. Unfortunately, no other family members can home her and so I’m asking for your help!

She is a wonderful, snuggly, playful girl. She needs someone that doesn’t have other animals & likes to play & snuggle. She also loves to run and gets the “zoomies”. She is a snotty independent girl a lot of the times, but loves attention when SHE wants it.

She is good with being alone for a couple of days too, so if you need to go on vacation or work throughout the day, she will be a okay! She is also good with children and kiddos, but not so good with other animals, as she grew up as a single child.

She has all of her shots and she is spayed. She is on the older side as well (I’m not quite sure HOW old, but no older than 7-9).

Please contact me if you think she would be a good addition to your loving home!

If interested, contact: Sofia



Garland and Mistletoe

Spayed Females
9 years
Domestic Shorthairs

Read more about them!

Garland and Misty are a bonded pair of 9 year old, female cats hoping to be the only pets in your household. They currently live with two dogs, and while they might adjust to a small, calm dog who has lived with cats before, they are generally stressed out by dogs and have not gotten along with other cats in the past.

They love people (should be fine with kids) and are playful and cuddly. Nothing makes them happier than a warm spot to sleep (preferably your lap). Garland (tortoiseshell) is outgoing, vocal, and energetic. Misty (black) is sweet, a bit shy, and clumsy for a cat. They eat a prescription wet food to prevent bladder crystals and are otherwise in great health and up to date on vaccinations.

If interested, contact: Emily

Phone: 951-520-3275



Kiki and Boo

Spayed Females
10 years
Formosan Mountain Dogs

Read more about them!
This is actually a pair of siblings that must be homed together. They are skittish with strangers but very very loving once they get to know you. They are not very good with other dogs. They are great with cats and all other pets. They love the car. We have had them for almost 10 years and it is absolutely an excruciating decision to try to re-home them, so please no judgment. We have attempted to keep them through a divorce, cancer and losing our home to fire last summer, but it is just too hard to be a renter in Santa Cruz with them.

If interested, contact: Leigh-Anne

Phone: 831-818-7480



Five Duck Flock

Various Breed Mixes

Read more about them!
Small Flock of 5 Pet Ducks! All female. Three are young laying ducks and two are older ducks who keep everyone in line. I’ve had ducks for over 10 years and just love them but I’ve sold my farm and can not relocate to my city location. They love treats and talking trash, but must have a night time enclosure to keep them safe.

If interested, contact: Lori

Phone: 408-313-7630



Bantam Roosters

Under 4 months
Bantam Mini Roosters

Read more about them!
We had one of our chickens hatch a flock of chicks and unfortunately most of them are roosters. We live within city limits and already have one rooster so I am looking for a loving home for the other four mini bantam roosters where they will be pets. They are fairly young, less than 4months old and most of them have started crowing. Picture is a bit blurry but I can send additional pics upon request.

If interested, contact: Suzette

Phone: 831-840-6765



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