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Some pet owners need to re-home an animal and prefer not to surrender it to a shelter. We help by including their animals here on our Community Pet Listings page. Each post is live on our site for up to 30 days, and is written by the pet’s owner. If you have questions or would like to adopt an animal on the list, simply contact the owner directly by phone or email.

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If you need to rehome a pet and you’d like to list it on our site, please visit the Rehome Your Pet section of our website and find the Post in Community Pet Listings tab for instructions. We accept listings for almost any species of animal. All dogs and cats listed must be spayed or neutered.

Community Pet Listings


4 years
Domestic Shorthair 

Read more about Yoki!

Yoki is a sweet, social, and snuggly girl. She enjoys stalking feather toys while you’re watching TV and strikes when you think she’s given up! Her leaps for feathers and laser pointers are world renowned. Yoki also likes hiding in paper bags and jumping onto tall ledges to survey her kingdom. Playful though she may be, she’s content to snuggle in your lap. She has been mostly indoors but the times we’ve let her into our yard, she’s been happy and stayed close by. 

 Yoki would like to be the only cat in the house. We keep her separated from our other cat and one of our dogs, but gets along well with the our other, more relaxed pup. It’s safe to say she could get along well with mellow dogs if properly introduced. We’ve been taking care of her for over a year for a family member that could no longer keep her. She was shy when we first got her but we quickly won her over with whipped cream and patience. She is now a snuggle bug. She deserves a more devoted family to give her love, attention, and free roaming rights. 

 We are happy to pass along her favorite toys and litter box to save her new family some money and help her transition well into her new home. She is up to date on her vaccines.

If interested, contact: Caitlin 




Spayed Female
4 yrs
Pit Mix

Read more about Hazel!

We’re really sad to have to find a new home for our sweet pitty mix, Hazel. She’s an energetic 4 year old girl who needs an owner who will give her lots of exercise and attention. We have a toddler and our lives have changed to the point that we just can’t give her what she needs to have a happy life. She’s pent up all day and needs to run. She can’t be around other dogs, but would be perfect for someone who wants a great companion. She loves her humans and we’ll be heartbroken when she goes.

She’s up to date on all her vaccinations, has had a vet exam this month (and is adored by the vet staff, btw) and is a healthy girl.

Please reach out if you’d like to meet her!

If interested, contact: Ildi


Phone: 831-345-2109



Neutered Male
6 yrs
Boston Terrier Mix

Read more about Louie!

Louie is a wonderful and sweet Boston Terrier mix who socializes well with other dogs, enjoys trips to the beach and the dog park.

He is six years old and does well when left alone for reasonable periods. He sleeps curled up and likes warm and cozy places to nap, especially when he can maintain contact with a special human. Louie is not picky about his food. He likes everything, which is helpful when purchasing food, but also means he may steal snacks left unattended. He has had regular veterinary visits and does not have any health issues. He presently weighs about 45 lbs, which the vet says is pretty much an ideal weight for him.

You couldn’t ask for a better companion!

If interested, contact: Michael


Phone: 831-239-5614



1.5 yrs
German Shepherd Mix

Read more about Hazel!

Hazel is about 1 ½ years old. She is a German Shepherd mix, with distinctively cute ears. She was adopted six months ago from a shelter. She is crate trained and currently training with Heather Ross of Clear Mind Canine. She is a quick learner, knows and responds to simple commands from her owners. In six months of training, she has made tremendous strides to work on her reactiveness to other dogs, pulling on her leash, and building her vocabulary of commands.

Unfortunately, Hazel is no longer able to live with her current owners. She is reactive towards strangers, which has been difficult in our shared living home. Her next owners will be able to provide a safe environment in a single-family household without kids under the age of 10. Hazel would prefer a fenced in yard abutting a natural area (Hazel is not an off-leash dog). No cats! Hazel will keep your yard free of critters and enjoys nothing more than laying on the couch with her owners at the end of the day.

Hazel is up to date with all vaccines and health-related needs, including preventative heartworm, flea and tick treatments. She has been prescribed a medication to decrease her reactivity towards noise which has been effective.

If interested, contact: Rachel


Phone: 484-832-6146



Neutered Male
3.8 yrs

Read more about Apollo!

We brought Apollo from Mexico, and he has been with me since he was 2 months. He traveled underneath with the luggage when we brought him, and as a result he appears to have some behavior issues. He’s never harmed or attacked anyone or anything. But his guard always seems to be up around new people. I would recommend him for people with plenty of time on their hands and space to have him since he is a larger dog. He loves to be active and go on walks! He is extremely smart because he is quick to adapting to new surroundings and knows to only go to the bathroom outdoors. Please feel free to message me for more information about him.

If interested, contact: Cesar


Phone: 831-706-0428



Neutered Male
5 yrs
Russian Blue

Read more about Silver!

Silver is a wonderful companion. He loves to sit on your lap and follow you around. He needs to be able to go outside or he’ll let you know with his special voice! He has the softest fur. He gets scared easily so probably a house on the quiet side is better. He’s overall a wonderful, special cat.

If interested, contact: Patricia


Phone: 650-603-1612


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