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Some pet owners need to re-home an animal and prefer not to surrender it to a shelter. We help by including their animals here on our Community Pet Listings page. Each post is live on our site for up to 30 days, and is written by the pet’s owner. If you have questions or would like to adopt an animal on the list, simply contact the owner directly by phone or email.

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If you need to rehome a pet and you’d like to list it on our site, please visit the Rehome Your Pet section of our website and find the Post in Community Pet Listings tab for instructions. We accept listings for almost any species of animal. All dogs and cats listed must be spayed or neutered.

Community Pet Listings

Garland and Mistletoe

Spayed Females
8 years
Domestic Shorthair

Read more about them!

Garland (tortie) and Misty (black) are eight year old female bonded littermates in search of a dog-free home together. They are cuddly and playful and deserve to be the only pets in their new household. They are generally low maintenance and easy to have around. Favorite hobbies include hanging out on our desks while we work from home, finding the warmest napping spots in the house (preferably your lap!), and chasing toys. Garland is vocal, energetic, and sassy (torti-tude). Misty is timid, sweet, and clumsy (for a cat).

Absolutely must be only pets in household, as they have been very stressed by any other dogs (even polite ones) or cats they’ve met. We are looking for a new home for them because, after 2 years of effort, they are just not happy living with dogs in the house. Okay with children. They are indoor only cats, but would love a catio or similar space. They are active and healthy but do eat a prescription wet food to prevent bladder crystals.

If interested, contact: Emily

Phone: 951-520-3275




Spayed Female
4 years
Collie/Shep X

Read more about Lagertha!

Lagertha is a very sweet doggy. She gets along with my kid and her dog brother, Ragnar, but I’m not sure about other dogs, as she isn’t around others much. I need to find a home for them both because my living situation has changed.

If interested, contact: Kylee

Phone: 408-458-6169




Neutered Male
3 years
Collie/Heeler X

Read more about Ragnar!

Ragnar has lots of energy. He also needs patience as it takes a bit for him to get to know someone. He is great with my child. I’m unsure about other dogs as he has only been with his sister, Lagertha (who also needs a home!). 

If interested, contact: Kylee

Phone: 408-458-6169




Spayed Female
10 years
Domestic Longhair

Read more about Patches!

Lap Cat Extraordinaire — This calico lives to be on someone’s lap! In fact, she’ll live in your lap if you let her. She will also sleep in your lap at night (on top of covers, not under). While Patches is a lap-lover, she is not fond of being picked up and held. You can however pick her up to put her in her carrier without a problem. Patches loves interactive play time, especially before feeding (can we say “play, hunt, kill, eat”?). She enjoys short bouts of brushing; her long rabbit-like fur doesn’t mat easily. I brush her a little bit every time she’s in my lap, so it’s never a chore.

Patches is 10y11m old, indoor only and healthy other than a couple small things which are easily managed, so no worries. We will discuss if you are interested in adopting her.

Patches will hide at first but will warm up quickly (she adores companionship too much to hide very long). Just leave her be and let her approach you when she’s ready.

I hate to have to re-home my sweet girl, but I’ve lost my job and I’ll be losing my home in the next few weeks and can’t have pets where I’m going. I need to find her a quiet, loving home very soon. Preferably a home where there are no other pets or children. An experienced or cat-savvy person(s) preferred. She will come with everything she needs, litter & box, toys, food, napping beds/cubbies, scratching posts, etc.

If your lap is available for a long-haired, calico beauty please contact me. 

If interested, contact: Debbie

Phone: 831-566-8276




Neutered Male
8 years

Read more about Blue!

Blue is an amazing dog! His is so smart and loves people of all ages. He is great with kids and is so calm and patient.
He is literally the best dog who loves to stay in and keep you company but also loves getting up and going for a walk or hike! He is very athletic, well-trained, and can even be walked off leash. He’s also a
great guard dog (not aggressive) who knows how to show his presence and read body language. Will not leave your property on his own.

If interested, contact: Aaron

Phone: 831-465-4794




Neutered Male
5 1/2 years
German Shepherd

Read more about Gunnar!

Gunnar is a beautiful gentle giant at 95lbs. He is neutered, fully vaccinated, and has had regular vet care. He will not do well with cats and probably best in a one dog home. He lives mostly indoors (by choice) and is fully housebroken and uses a doggie door. He is very anxious and fearful of loud noises and new people but loves to go for walks and is a big lapdog when he gets a chance. I am being relocated and without a lot of boring details discovered I cannot bring him with me. I’m looking for someone who can adopt him and love him as much as I do. Thank you in advance.

If interested, contact: Caren

Phone: 559-940-3528




Spayed Female
12-18 months
Lab Mix

Read more about Toaster!

Toaster is a little over a year old and was picked up as a stray in December. She is a 12-18 month old 45lb lab mix who was socialized with people but most likely abandoned. She has generalized fear and anxiety and is scared of some new sounds and fear-reactive to humans. She is incredibly bright, fun, and very affectionate with people she trusts, but barks and growls at strangers. She has never bitten or snapped. We are working with a trainer and behaviorist and she is responding well to training.

I moved to the Santa Cruz mountains a couple months ago and she’s doing great in this environment! It breaks my heart but after witnessing how much better she does in a less populated area, I know she won’t be happy when I return to work in the city.

I am looking for an experienced dog owner who will continue to work with her, has a yard in a quiet neighborhood, and is okay having an introverted dog that would prefer to be tucked away when people visit. She gets along with other dogs, not sure about cats and not a good fit for kids or travel. Get in touch for more info! 

If interested, contact: Lark

Phone: 650-714-6092




Neutered Male
8 years
Pit Bull Terrier

Read more about Hippo!

Hippo is a super sweet and mellow dog. His human mom had to go into rehab and gave him to me to rehome.

He is very friendly and plays well with other dogs. He is a little shy when meeting new people. I’ve never seen any aggression from him, even when two smaller dogs went after him he didn’t do anything. He just looked scared! He likes to play and just hang out. Never barks just needs someone to love him.

If interested, contact: Diane

Phone: 831-325-6638




Spayed Female
5 years
Catahoula Mix

Read more about Tottie!

Tottie is SUCH a sweet girl. She’s about 65lb. She makes a great, loyal family member, is good with children and has learned to live alongside our 3 cats. She knows basic commands and is food motivated.

She likes to play fetch and plays nicely. She is friendly with other dogs. We got her from a San Jose shelter in January and she was very nervous at first but warmed up very quickly. However she has an issue that is not suited for our countryside living: Our neighbors have sheep and she chases them, causing everyone involved concern (she has already attacked a sheep). This means I can not play with her in our garden without fear of her seeing the sheep. This is our main concern. When she sees the sheep she will not listen to commands. She does not chase deer.

She also exhibits a few other workable behaviors: She reacts badly to strangers – mainly barking and being over excited. She has not show any aggression, but her behavior might be mistaken for it. She will jump around and be very difficult to catch if not leased.

She is also VERY nervous of busy environments. I took her into Santa Cruz and walked her along a busy street. She was terrified. She is wonderful walking on the lead around quieter places.

Most of Tottie’s issues can be adjusted, but he sheep issue is a big problem for us as we do not want her to cause any more damage to the flock. We have a trainer coming to visit but they have said that this particular issue will be very difficult to handle and will take time. I’m worried that in the meantime she will be a nuisance to our neighbors.

Tottie is a gorgeous, loving, smart dog, who needs a safe environment (not in the city) She’s just not right for us.

If interested, contact: Elizabeth

Phone: 650-484-8518




Spayed Female
6 years

Read more about Kitai!

Kitai is an absolute love! Like a typical Siamese, she can be a bit shy at first. But her favorite thing is to sleep on your pillow and cuddle all night!

She is perfect and healthy (just had her vet examination and shots two weeks ago).
Kitai is fine with a small dog, but she really cannot be in a home with other cats. Sharing a litterbox causes her anxiety, and she does not enjoy feline company.
We love her, but we have come to accept that she will never be happy in a house with another cat.

She is indoors only (has never been outside). We looking for a new home for her where she will be able to relax.
A bag of her preferred dry food and a box of the only canned food she likes will go to her new home with her!

If interested, contact: Sunshine

Phone: 831-334-8369



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