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Some pet owners need to re-home an animal and prefer not to surrender it to a shelter. We help by including their animals here on our Community Pet Listings page. Each post is live on our site for up to 30 days, and is written by the pet’s owner. If you have questions or would like to adopt an animal on the list, simply contact the owner directly by phone or email.

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If you need to rehome a pet and you’d like to list it on our site, please visit the Rehome Your Pet section of our website and find the Post in Community Pet Listings tab for instructions. We accept listings for almost any species of animal. All dogs and cats listed must be spayed or neutered.

Community Pet Listings


Neutered Male
5 years
Lab Mix

Read more about Azim!

Azim is a sweet and energetic guy. He loves to walk, fetch and train. He is very smart. He does have anxiety but walks, fresh air, and having a routine help a lot with this. He would do best in a home where is is the only dog, and also without kids.

If interested, contact: Margaret

Phone: 831-535-3405




Spayed Female
3 years
Great Pyrenees

Read more about Sierra!

Sierra is a lovely girl that wants nothing more than to have her belly rubbed all day long. She is an excellent guard dog and will walk the perimeter of your yard diligently if you let her. She is great with kids, though some children are intimidated by her size. She would do best as the only dog in the home or with a dog that is smaller than her.

Sierra has hip dysplasia and thus takes an anti-inflammatory medication twice a day, but that does not stop her from enjoying daily walks, running at the beach, sprinting up and down hiking trails, and most of all, just being with her person.

We are looking for the perfect forever home for her and will be interviewing all applicants to make sure it is a good fit for everyone. We love her dearly and want the very best for her.

Thank you for looking!

If interested, contact: Michael

Phone: 831-600-6448



Maryann and the Professor

Male and Female
6 Months
Guinea Pig

Read more about them!

I have one male and one female Guinea pig needing a home. They are friendly and come with cage and some food. More photos upon request.

If interested, contact: Chris

Phone: 831-598-9238




Neutered Male
2 years
Lab/Pit Mix

Read more about Tucker!

Hi! My name is Tucker and I’m 2 years old. I am a neutered, male, Lab/Pit mix and I’ve had all my shots. My parents adopted me when I was just 10 weeks old after I was born to my mom in the shelter. I’m a dainty 70 pounds which makes me a great size for snuggles in your lap. We go for walks twice a day plus a couple playtimes and training sessions which makes me a very happy guy.

Training is one of my favorite activities and I am already pretty good with lots of commands like come, sit, down, shake, pets (sit quietly/calmly so a person can pet me), trade, leave it, let’s go (heel up at your right side and pay attention), look (stop what I’m doing and look at you) and much more. We are working on HUG now – cause we love hugs.

I love my humans so much and I know they love me too but they have finally listened to what I have been telling them – I can’t live in a house with other dogs. I have an anxiety condition and my family has really tried to help by taking me to super smart professionals; we even saw the Chief of Staff Veterinarian (she was really nice and gave me lots of cookies) and a Behaviorist at UC Davis. I’m on a medication now that helps but being here is really hard on me. The bottom line is that we have multiple dogs in our house and it stresses me out! I need a home where I can be your one and only dog.

I promise to play with you, train with you and give you the best snuggles. I’m good on walks but sometimes I see something that scares me and I’ll bark and pull so I need someone that is strong and able to hold onto me and help me refocus. I love to lay in the sun in the backyard for naps during the day or lay at your feet while you work. I’m also super healthy and strong so I can run alongside you too if you like to do that. I’m a little goofy and I still have puppy energy so I’ll also bring you fun and laughter.

Oh and I’m very handsome or at least that is what everyone says. Even if I could come and stay with you for a little while to see if it helps my anxiety that would really help my parents know what I need. They promised to be in contact and that I could come back if I needed to.

If interested, contact: Crystal

Phone: 408-314-5229




Spayed Female
5 years
Red Nose Pit Bull

Read more about Odin!

Odin is a 5 year old neutered Red nose pit bull and is up to date on all his shots and chipped. He is very mellow (until he hears his dog bowl is getting served, then lots of jumping and tail wagging) doesn’t bark much at all and although he looks rough and tough, is still scared of the vacuum and plays very nice with kids and toddlers. He loves walks, naps, and chasing birds and squirrels. Odin does great at the dog parks but is territorial when it comes to his space and would do best as the only pet in the home.

Sits, stays and high fives (we are still working on lay down command) overall a super lovable and great companion. Unfortunately, I lost my job and have to move back home to Florida. My parents have 3 
Miniature dachshunds and it will not work out.

If interested, contact: Angelica

Phone: 831-598-9238




Spayed Female
2 years
Black Mouth Cur

Read more about Stella!

Stella is a healthy loving almost 3 year-old girl. She is great with people and kids. She has a lot of hound in her and has a very strong prey drive. She needs a good very tall fences (she can get over 4 foot fences.) She likes lots of exercise. She has decided she really needs to be the only dog in a household. She has gotten very grumpy and aggressive with our other dogs. She still has fun with other dogs at the dog park but does not want to share her people’s affection with any other dog.

 She is spayed, micro chipped, has her shots and is happily crate trained.

If interested, contact: Morgan

Phone: 831-331-0048



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