CZU Lightning Fire Update

To our Santa Cruz SPCA Family,

The CZU fire is causing immense damage and pain for so many in our Santa Cruz community – we sincerely hope you and your four-legged companions are safe. We are grateful to let you know both our current shelter, and our nearly completed future shelter, are facing no immediate danger. This gives us the ability to mobilize our resources and help those who desperately need it. Please read on to learn about our current efforts and how you can help!

What We're Doing To Help
  • We have been able to offer emergency boarding for a number of cats that were evacuated from fire areas. We’ll be keeping these kitties safe and well cared for until their displaced owners are able to find accommodations for the entire family.

  • We are supporting the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter and emergency response efforts in our county by accepting shelter cats into our program, thereby freeing up resources for other animals in danger.
  • We have expanded our regular pet food pantry and are available DAILY from 10 am – 6 pm to provide evacuees with pet related resources — pet food, wire crates for transport, and various pet supplies during this immediate emergency.
  • We are even leaving wire dog crates in front of our shelter overnight for people to be able to pick them up when those crates are needed most!
Key Resources

Below are links to key resources regarding the fires and where you may find needed assistance.

Animal Assistance

For assistance in evacuating pets and livestock and other animal emergencies, please contact the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter at 831-471-1182.  If you are in need of emergency boarding for your pets, please exhaust all opportunities to house your pets with friends, family, your veterinarian or a boarding facility. Space at the County Animal Shelter is limited.

How You Can Help

Needed Items

Over 65,000 people have been evacuated in Santa Cruz County. Our current stock of items for these pet owners will only last for so long. Donations we could desperately use:

  • Cat food (wet and dry!)
  • Small or medium litter boxes
  • Cat litter and/or scoopers
  • Cat hidey homes – these evacuated kitties could use a safe space!
  • Travel carriers or wire crates


Fostering animals is a wonderful way to help the community. We are currently fully staffed, but please consider signing up to help us in the future! 


Help the Santa Cruz SPCA’s relief efforts by choosing to give a monetary donation. Every bit goes a long way for our community members that have lost everything. The animals thank you!


Shelter Location

2601 Chanticleer Ave.
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(P) 831-465-5000
(F) 831-479-8530

Hours of Operation

Our operations are currently continuing virtually or by-appointment only. 

 *ADOPTIONS - Appointment Only

*PET FOOD PANTRY - Fridays 3:30pm - 5:30pm

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