Rescue Readers

Sometimes the best audience for a new reader is a doting dog or cat who hangs on every word, whether or not it’s pronounced correctly. The Santa Cruz SPCA launches a new Humane Education program called “Rescue Readers” — which is designed to give young readers a chance to practice and enhance their literacy levels in the comfortable presence of shelter animals. Not only are the children given cute, cuddly, and judgment-free listeners, but the animals enjoy the extra TLC while they wait for their forever homes.

The following are some guidelines for this program:

-This program is for students in grades K through 8th, offered throughout the school year
-Each reading session must be scheduled with our Humane Education Coordinator
-Reading sessions can be scheduled Monday through Friday from 11-6pm
-Individuals and small groups may schedule sessions
-We will choose the animals that students can read too
-Parents or teachers must stay with their readers
-Readers and animals will be supervised by the Humane education Coordinator 


Teachers, parents, or anyone interested in learning more about the Rescue Readers program or how to schedule a session, can contact Brenna at or (831) 566-3753