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Santa Cruz SPCA: A True Passion for Animals (Pasatiempo Living, May Eddition)

ADFall2010 A Charitable Passions article written by our wonderful volunteer photographer Portia Shao. Read along as she describes her passion and support for the Santa Cruz SPCA and our mission to rescue and rehome animals while educating and providing resources for the community.

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Santa Cruz SPCA Appoints New Director

ADFall2010 The Santa Cruz SPCA has announced the appointment of Robert Armbrust as its new executive director, effective January 5, 2015.

“We are excited that Robert has agreed to lead the Santa Cruz SPCA team,” said Richard Hill, president, SPCA board of directors. “With his diverse nonprofit background, including an exceptional tenure at Humane Society Silicon Valley, Robert will bring excellent skills and new energy to the SPCA, along with fresh ideas, enhanced by his extensive experience in fundraising, community outreach, and building collaborative partnerships.”

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Santa Cruz SPCA’s Humane Education Program Focuses on the Next Generation

ADFall2010 The Santa Cruz SPCA’s Humane Education Program is reaching over 5,000 of Santa Cruz County’s youth per year, over 75% of which are located in Watsonville and surrounding South County areas.

The Humane Education Program through the Santa Cruz SPCA is designed to teach today’s youth lessons of kindness, responsibility, compassion, and respect for animals and people alike. The kids of today are the companion animal guardians of tomorrow and in order to effectively curb issues like animal abuse, neglect, improper care practices, and over-population in the future we must help the youth understand how to make positive choices for their community now and for the rest of their lives.

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Deluxe Foods Fundraising for Santa Cruz SPCA

ADFall2010 Deluxe Foods in Aptos is stepping in to help raise money for the Santa Cruz SPCA by offering the donation of 5 percent of any grocery sale when the patron mentions the SPCA by name. The fundraiser will go on into the foreseeable future and will help the local non-profit animal shelter with the care and rescue of animals as well as the support of their many animal welfare and educational programs.

Marc Monte, President and CEO of Deluxe Foods, is an animal lover and thought that the community collaboration would not only be beneficial to the cause but would also allow his animal loving shoppers to play an integral role in the support. “Animals have a major place in many hearts, including my own, and we appreciate the opportunity to help such a wonderful organization in any way we can,” Monte says.

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Abandoned Dog Finds New Home Helping Combat Veterans

ADFall2010 An abandoned 5-year-old cocker spaniel has found a new home and a new purpose in life helping military combat veterans recover from post traumatic stress disorder.

Laddie was adopted recently out of the Santa Cruz SPCA to serve as the house therapy dog at the Paget Center. The 12-bed residential facility helps homeless vets recover from their traumas and transition back into civilian life after serving on the battle field. The gentle, people-pleasing pooch immediately had a positive impact on residents.

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Rescued From La Shelter: Dogs Get An Airlift To the Riviera From Caps

la shelter Riviera Rescue, CAPS, the Santa Cruz SPCA and Air France are conducting a historic rescue airlift of little death row dogs from Los Angeles animal shelters to Nice, France. This is the first such rescue ever to take place in France. The dogs were scheduled to be euthanized because of the American pet overpopulation crisis that is killing five million companion animals per year in our nation's shelter system.

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