Humane Education: SPCA Humane Education programs teach compassion for all animals to children, as well as the community at large.

Blackie’s Senior Friends: This is a special program providing financial assistance to senior citizens in order to enable them to care for their companion animals or assist with adoption fees for senior citizens adopting senior animals.

Second Chance/Tanner’s Fund: This unique fund enables the SPCA to provide extensive veterinary care for sick, injured, abused or neglected animals who would otherwise have to be euthanized.

Heather’s Pet Food Bank: The Food Bank regularly distributes over 7,000 pounds of food a month to economically challenged and senior pet owners.

Free Training: Free class offered to people with newly adopted dogs who need help overcoming challenges, behavior issues and other common problems.

Disaster Relief: When disaster strikes, the Santa Cruz SPCA is there to help.  Visit our disaster preparedness page for tips on how to keep your furry family safe.