Blackie's Senior Friends
Pets can enrich our lives by making us happier and healthier. For older adults, having a companion animal can be especially helpful in coping with the challenges that we must face as we grow older. Senior citizens are often living on restricted retirement incomes and can face financial obstacles in caring for a companion animal. Blackie’s Senior Friends provides financial assistance to senior citizens to help them care for their pets and also assists with adoption fees for senior citizens adopting senior animals.

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Seniors for Seniors

Since older animals are often the last to be adopted, bringing home a senior animal could mean saving their life.  Blackie’s Senior Friends encourages older adults to adopt senior animals by offering free adoption of a companion animal 6 years old and up, to qualified seniors.  Adoption includes the first set of vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip, a collar and tag, a free vet exam, and educational literature.

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Longer, Happier Lives

Never underestimate the healing power of a companion animal.  Studies have proven that companion animals have a positive effect on our physical and emotional health.  Animal companionship can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, promote healing, reduce social isolation, ease the grieving process, and offer a sense of security.  In addition, the increased physical activity that comes with caring for a pet, such as walking, grooming, and even petting, can strengthen the heart, improve circulation and slow the loss of bone tissue.

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The Perfect Match

Senior people and senior animals are a perfect match!  Often a young, energetic puppy can be overwhelming for older people with more relaxed lifestyles.  A senior companion animal is typically easier to train, requires less rigorous exercise from their guardian, and requires fewer routine vaccinations.  Many senior animals want nothing more than a warm pair of feet to lie by or a soft lap or couch to snuggle on.

What this program includes:

  • A free adoption of a companion animal 6 years and up is offered to qualified seniors 62 & over.
  • Includes the first set of vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchipping, a collar & tag (leash included w/ dogs!), free vet exam, and educational literature.

The free charge is intended to encourage the senior community to find their perfect animal match.

Jean Langenheim

Blackie’s Senior Friends was created by a generous donation by Dr. Jean Langenheim in memory of her cat, Blackie to help other seniors come together with their perfect companion.  Dr. Langenheim remains involved in the program today.  The Santa Cruz SPCA is deeply indebted to Jean Langenheim for her continued support and generosity.