The Santa Cruz SPCA uses and promotes 24PetWatch microchips.

MicrochipWhat is a Microchip?
A microchip is a small RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) device, not much bigger than a large grain of rice, which veterinarians can implant into many different types of pets— from reptiles and birds to cats and dogs. The microchip carries a unique ID number linked to the owner’s contact information that when read by a microchip scanner can quickly and easily shed light onto where the pet belongs. Microchips are NOT tracking devices.

The procedure to implant a microchip is quick, easy and relatively painless—similar to a vaccine injection—that places the chip under the skin between the shoulder blades of the animal. It’s a permanent form of ID that last for the life of the animal.

The Santa Cruz SPCA makes sure that every animal adopted out is microchipped.

Why Microchip My Pet?
More than three million cats and dogs are euthanized at animal shelters around the US each year. A large percentage of these animals enter the shelters as strays and are not claimed in time. Collars and tags come off or are not put on in the first place, but microchips are forever and can many times be a ticket to life if your animal ever ends up in a shelter. If every dog and cat were Microchipped, we would see a drastic change in euthanasia rates and many more emotional reunions would be made possible.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, thousands of pets were left stranded or separated from their owners. Dogs and cats were shipped out of the area for their own safety and because most did not have identification, many did not find their way back to their original families. Microchipping is one solid solution for making sure your pet is returned to you if ever you find yourself in a similar disaster situation.

How Can I Get My Pet Microchipped?
Most veterinarians, some shelters and many low-cost vaccine clinics offer this service for a nominal fee. The cost of this procedure can be anywhere from $20-$50 and some microchip companies charge a registration fee.

If you adopt or acquire an animal that is already microchipped, it’s important that you make sure your information becomes connected to the animals chip. If that is not done, a past owner’s information or no information at all will be present and the microchip is doing you no good. You first need to find out what the microchip number is and what company it’s registered with. You can easily do this by taking the animal to the vet or a shelter for a quick scan. Veterinary or shelter workers can many times tell you what brand it is based on the chip number. From there you contact the chip company (contact information can easily be found by googling the company name) and the “change of ownership” procedure must be completed.

About 24PetWatch
The 24PetWatch Microchips and Pet-Recovery Program stands out from the rest. While other companies charge a registration fee to have the owner and pet information initially stored, 24PetWatch registration is always FREE of charge. Services like free ID tags, lost posters and vet/shelter alerts are also included.

Already have a chip that isn’t from 24PetWatch? 24PetWatch will even freely accept registration of pets that have a competitor's chip implanted and offer you those same services. Additionally, 24petwatch pr oactively maintains contact with pet owners at least once every 11 months.

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