This unique fund enables the SPCA to provide extensive veterinary care for sick, injured, abused or neglected animals that would otherwise be euthanized. This fund helps to cover the costs of “above and beyond” care such as surgery, medication and other treatments that an animal may need before they are to be made available for adoption. By giving animals a second chance, this special fund directly saves lives.

Just a Few of the Happy Recipients of this Vital Fund… 


Marty came to the SPCA in excruciating pain and was suffering from an auto-immune disease which made him become allergic to his own teeth.  Although his life-expectancy was good, something had to be done to ease his pain.  That something ended up being an extremely expensive surgery to remove his teeth.  After a short recovery, Marty was free of pain and adopted into a loving home who still sends us wonderful pictures!  Thanks to the Second Chance Fund, Marty is alive, healthy, and pain-free.


Caboodle was found stray with what was thought to be an old hip injury.  She easily hopped around on three legs but seemed to be in pain.  After a vet evaluation, it was found the injury was not old and that Caboodle had a crushed hip.  Because of the Second Chance Fund, we were able to provide Caboodle with an artificial hip which required serious orthopedic surgery and rehab.  We recently saw Caboodle about six months in her new home and she looked stunning all while walking perfectly on all four paws!


Sierra was a young puppy confiscated after her owner had tied a rubber band tightly around her snout to keep her from barking.  It had been on her muzzle for over a month and became embedded into her nose, requiring surgical removal as well as corrective surgery to remove tissue that had formed inside her mouth and nasal cavity.  She’s now in a loving home but will always have the scars to remind her.


Rose came from another shelter where she was badly attacked by a much larger dog which tore her jugular.  She barely survived the attack but needed extensive wound treatment, including vein repair, stitches, drainage tubes and a multitude of pain killers and antibiotics.  She healed up wonderfully thanks to the Second Chance Fund and is thriving in her forever home.

The Second Chance Fund brings the Santa Cruz SPCA closer to its dream of finding each and every unwanted animal a permanent and loving home.