Coyotes are most active and most commonly seen at dusk, dawn and night. Occasionally they may be active during daylight hours.

Coyotes have tawny to grayish fur. The back tends to be buffy gray and black or reddish while the underside is lighter in color. The ears are erect and pointed. The tail is usually carried straight out or down and has a black tip.

Coyote breeding season beings in January and ends in March. Breeding pairs may remain together for years.

Females give birth to their pups March through May. Litters are made up of one to eleven pups. Pups nurse for 5-7 weeks and stay with their parents until they are 6-9 months old.

Coyotes prey mainly on rabbits, mice, and ground squirrels, but will also eat fruits, berries, insects, and carrion when available. They have adapted well to human activity due to their nocturnal nature and versatile appetites.

In suburban areas coyotes may prey on house cats. This is just one more reason why your cat is safest living indoors.