Second Chance Fund

Looking for an opportunity to have an immediate impact on animals in our community?

Make a gift to the Second Chance Fund, and you truly save lives.

The Second Chance Fund embodies the Santa Cruz SPCA’s unwavering dedication to the animals in our care.

The fund allows people to donate directly to offset the costs of the veterinary, medical, and behavioral needs of animals that require help beyond routine care.

Gifts to the Second Chance Fund provide essential resources to treat injuries and illnesses, address behavioral conditions, and deliver the lifesaving procedures and other treatments needed to heal our shelter animals, giving them a renewed chance at life.

Read about Tinsel!

Eleven month-old Tinsel came to us suffering from malnutrition and widespread mange that had left her nearly hairless and covered in sores. She was terribly uncomfortable and utterly miserable. The shelter she found herself in lacked the resources for proper treatment, which meant that Tinsel was listed as being available to “rescue only” – not adoptable to the general public and running out of time. SCSPCA was able to swoop in, rescue Tinsel, and begin the treatment that would transform her life. With special medication, skin tests, weekly bathing, healthy food, and a lot of love, Tinsel’s body healed and her coat soon became healthy and full. Her playful puppy personality won many hearts, including her adopter’s. She’s now thriving in a wonderful home.

Read about Rusty!

Rusty, a 12-year-old hunk of kitty love, was surrendered to the SCSPCA due to his uncontrolled diabetes. He was on an enormous amount of insulin and still exhibiting strong diabetic symptoms. The staff at the SCSPCA was able to switch him to a better-tolerated insulin and gradually lower his dosing needs with the help of a diet change and close monitoring of blood glucose levels throughout the day. The cost of his diabetic supplies was high -- as was his five-day stint at the emergency vet soon after he arrived when the initial stress sent him into life-threatening diabetic ketoacidosis. However, six months later, Rusty has endured and is now on a very low dose of insulin, shows no diabetic symptoms, and has been adopted into a loving home with a human diabetic who understands the care he requires and absolutely adores him. Rusty is a tolerant, sweet, and truly special cat ! We are so fortunate to have been able to pull from the Second Chance Fund to provide him with the care he needed to become happy and healthy again.

Read about Dixie!

Dixie, a young poodle/terrier mix, came to us with four legs but only had use of three. X-rays showed a malformed hip head that caused severe discomfort when used, so Dixie held her leg up 100 percent of the time. We evaluated two options: having the leg removed completely, and a surgical procedure called FHO (femoral head osteotomy) where the head of the hip is removed and with therapy, the muscles around it hold the hip in place. After much thought, we opted for FHO. Not only did Dixie get to keep her leg, but she’s now running and playing on all fours in a home all her own – thanks to the Second Chance Fund.

Read about Sasha!

Sasha was a very sweet Miniature Schnauzer who came into our care with a bladder full of painful stones. Thanks to the Second Chance Fund, we were able to get Sasha in for emergency surgery to remove a 6-ounce cup full of stones, ranging from pea-sized to silver dollar-sized. After surgery, Sasha began a new diet geared toward urinary health and stone prevention, and soon after found a wonderful new home.

To support the Santa Cruz SPCA’s Second Chance Fund, make a donation online and select the specified field when prompted. You may also make a donation by phone (mention Second Chance Fund to the SCSPCA representative) or by mail (write Second Chance Fund in memo section of your check).

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