multiThe animals of Santa Cruz County include the companion animals living in our homes and also the wild animals living in our backyards, beaches, and forests.  Our "All Creatures" humane education program teaches children to respect all of the animals in our community, from the giant blue whales that swim our coast to the tiny insects living in our yards. While domestic animals like dogs and cats have very different needs than wildlife, all animals need us to help protect them.

Living in a place like Santa Cruz means sharing our neighborhoods each and every day with various species of wildlife. Sometimes wild animals may choose to live really close to you, nesting under your deck or in your walls. We in Santa Cruz County are blessed with incredible diversity in the species that make their home here. Each and every animal serves a specific purpose in our local ecosystems, not one is insignificant. The Santa Cruz SPCA serves as free resource for advice about happily coexisting with native wildlife. For tips and tricks on deterrent methods and preventative measures, click the box below labeled "Unwanted Wildlife Guests."