FledglingEvery spring, thousands of baby songbirds fledge, or learn how to fly, all over the state. Scruffy looking fledglings may leave the nest, scurry on the ground and may appear to be abandoned by their parents. In reality, parents are still caring for these fledglings and keep track where they are until the fledglings can live on their own.

Every year, kindhearted people mistake fledglings for abandoned birds. Since the fatality rate for fledglings taken in by humans is very high, it is best to leave a fledgling alone unless you are absolutely certain that it has been abandoned.

If you find a baby bird that is not fully feathered and has fallen out of the nest, the best thing to do is to put the baby back in the nest. (It is a myth that the parents will smell your scent and reject the baby). Since most baby birds need to be fed every 20 minutes during the day, the parents have a much better chance of taking care of the baby than you do.

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