PacificTreeFrogPacific Tree Frogs are small, up to 5 centimeters long, and may be any color from pale grey or tan to bronze or bright emerald green. Pacific Tree Frogs have a conspicuous dark “mask” or stripe extending from the nostrils through the eye as far as the shoulder. They are often marked with dark patches or stripes on the back, and are usually pale cream underneath.

In early spring, Pacific Tree Frogs may be found in woodlands, meadows, pastures, and even urban areas, often quite far from the nearest body of water. City dwellers on the coast are often pleasantly surprised to find that a Pacific Tree Frog has made itself at home in their garden or even in plant pots on a balcony. The sticky pads on their toes allow these frogs to climb about on plants with great agility, though they usually stay fairly close to the ground.