Youth Volunteers

To curb issues like animal abuse, neglect, and over-population in the future, we have created fun-filled programs that help young people understand animals and make positive choices for their community, now and for the rest of their lives.

We offer two different youth volunteering programs, Promoting Animal Welfare with Students (PAWS), (ages 7-12), and Community Service Saturdays (ages 13-15).

Promoting Animal Welfare with Students (PAWS)

PAWS has two different levels. PAWS 1 is for students just starting out our PAWS program and who are still learning to be comfortable around animals and still learning to work in small groups. You can sign up for this session if your student never been to PAWS or has recently started their journey in one of our PAWS programs. PAWS 1 sessions meet Monday from 4-6pm for Juniors (age 7-9 yrs. old) and Tuesday from 4-6pm for Pre-Teen (10-12 yrs. old).

The cost for one two-week session of PAWS 1 is $65.

PAWS 2 is for students who have a good level of experience in our PAWS program and are looking to take it one step further. Students in this group can work off of existing skills learned in our PAWS 1 program and can gain both further skill sets and a greater understanding of the bigger picture of animal welfare. PAWS 2 sessions meet on Wednesday from 4-6pm for Juniors (7-9 yrs. old) and Thursdays from 4-6pm for Pre-teens (10-12 yrs. old). Prerequisite: At least one or more sessions of PAWS 1 completed.

The cost for one three-week session of PAWS 2 is $65.

Community Service Saturdays

Many area middle and high school students are required to meet a certain number of community service hours in order to graduate or meet their program goals. We realize that these students may not have the desire, nor the ability, to commit to volunteering with us for the long term so Community Service Saturdays was developed in an effort to both serve our community’s youth and to allow us to benefit from their valuable volunteer time!

We are able to accommodate up to 12 middle and/or high students in a session who are supervised by the SCSPCA’s Humane Educator or their designee. Students will complete work, that can include but may not be limited to, shelter site maintenance, office filing and sorting, cleaning of the shelter site and animal enclosures, animal enrichment, preparing food bags and dog walking and cat TLC.

Held on the last Saturday of the month from 10am until 1pm, our Community Service Saturdays program runs from September through May at a cost of $25 per student.

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